Churches of Christ[1] are assemblies of non-denominational Christians. Our plea is a return to simple New Testament Christianity. Our rule of faith is the Bible and the Bible alone[2]. In the Book of Acts, we read of the establishment of churches of Christ all over the Roman Empire during the first century of our era[3]. These congregations, were taught the same faith[4] (doctrine); had the same organisational structure[5] and the same worship[6]. In the Templeogue church of Christ we have restored the divine pattern of the church, so plainly set forth in the New Testament.

​One of the salient features of the early church was that it had no headquarters; each assembly was completely autonomous. Although congregations existed in the first century with no governing officers[7] yet, as soon as men were qualified, Bishops were appointed in each church (Bishops are also called Elders)[8]. These Elders were given the oversight of the congregation in which they were appointed (they had no authority outside of their own group)[9]. They ruled, under the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, according to His revealed will in the New Testament. Qualified Deacons[10] were also appointed to serve the Elders, helping them in their work of overseeing the congregation.​

​​In the New Testament, there are a number of prerequisites before a person becomes a member of the church of Christ. The first is faith. One has to believe in the Son of God (Jesus Christ) as the crucified Saviour of the world[11]. This faith comes by hearing the word of God[12]. Without this faith, one cannot become a Christian or a member of the church. Such faith leads to the second prerequisite repentance. Repentance is not penance; it is a genuine change of heart, a turning away from evil and a turning back to God[13]. The third prerequisite is a willingness to confess that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. This precedes baptism[14]. Baptism in the Bible is a burial in water that means, the repentant believer is immersed in water[15]. The purpose of baptism is the remission of sins[16]Baptism is also the entrance into the church[17].

​Only people who have believed, repented and have been baptised, are considered members (children only become members when they are old enough to decide for themselves).​

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